Your wedding day will be here before you know it, so it's important to make memories that will last forever for you, your loved ones and guests. With Sugaree Baking, you can be assured of a beautiful and delicious cake that folks will be talking about for years.

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  • The best cake I have ever had. For my wedding, every design detail of the cake was worked out perfectly and every bite was so delicious and rich. Many of the wedding guests commented about how amazing the cake was. After this experience, I wouldn't order a cake from anywhere else. Simply the best taste, look and service!

    Kristen Broeder

  • The finished product was a focal point of the room. A triple layer cake was adorned with that glorious buttercream

    Michael & Nancy Holmes

Wedding Cake Flavors

Our Wedding  and Grooms’ Cakes are one of three flavors:

  1. Vanilla Butter Cake
  2. Chocolate Fudge
  3. Florida Pound Cake

Custom flavors by request.

Wedding Cake Filling

We pair our cakes with mousse filling and icing to create unforgettable flavor profiles.  These are our mousse fillings:

  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Chocolate
  • Hazelnut
  • Cappucino
  • Tiramisu Cream

Our delicious icings don’t just look fantastic, they taste incredible.

  • Swiss Meringue Butter Cream
  • Chocolate Ganache

Pricing Information

Round Cakes are $3.75 per person

Square Cakes are $4.00 per person

Back-up Cakes are $2.10 per person

All types of cake are four layers of cake with three layers of mousse.

Delivery in St. Louis is $50

There are extra charges for fondant, edible pearls, gumpaste flowers and edible gold and silver.

Wedding Information

We love making the best wedding and grooms' cakes in St. Louis. Our process starts like any good design process, by finding out all about you and what makes your wedding unique.

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  • When should I start talking to you about making my cake for my wedding?
    Six to eight months before your wedding is usually enough in advance to make sure that we are available during the heavy wedding seasons in St Louis (May-June and late August through October). You can talk to us earlier about holding your date with a deposit of $100.
  • How are your Wedding Cakes priced?
    We price per serving. Round Cakes are $3.75 a serving, and square, hexagon, and octagon cakes are $4.00 a serving. This includes buttercream decorations on the cake. Additional decorations, such as monograms, bows, edible pearls, sugar gum paste flowers all have additional charges depending on complexity. We charge $50 for delivery in the St. Louis area
  • Can you make us a smaller wedding cake and have sheet cakes for the kitchen to lower costs?
    We make what we call “back-up” cakes for the kitchen. These cakes look exactly the same on the plate as what is cut from your wedding cake. Same cake, mousse and frosting, not a lower quality cake. This can be an excellent way to save money on your wedding cake, especially if you are having a larger wedding. These cakes are priced at $2.10 a serving.
  • Do you have wedding cake consultations? Do I need an appointment?
    We do have wedding cake consultations and appointments are necessary. Depending on your and our availability for appointments, whether you live out of town, and how soon your wedding date is approaching, we frequently start the consultation process by giving you a tasting box of our different flavors of cake, our mousses, and our buttercream to try and see if you like our cake.Tasting boxes are by order and cost $10 which comes off the price of your wedding cake if you book with us. Often times, we can do this for you sooner than a consultation. You can taste these at home with your fiancée and family and decide which combinations you prefer.
  • How many people should come to the appointment and what should I bring?
    Yourself and possibly 2 to 3 others is comfortable, but we can do a couple more if it is essential. We find, however, that the more people at a design appointment, the more difficult it is to make decisions on the design of your cake. Bring photos of cakes that you like, and any color swatches or other elements in your wedding that you would like us to see to understand the style of your wedding.
  • I would like fresh flowers on my cake. Will you do that?
    Your florist takes care of fresh flowers on your cake. We can work with your florist in a couple of different ways.
  • I like the look of a fondant covered cake. Will Sugaree do that?
    Even though we are not fans of the texture and taste of fondant we are able to cover your cake with it. There will be extra charges. We are buttercream fans and do not like working with fondant for wedding cakes. We do use fondant pieces, at times, for some decorations, like bows or monograms.
  • Will you do Grooms' Cakes?
    Yes! We will make your groom’s cake for you if we are making your wedding cake.
  • Can I have each tier of my cake be a different flavor?
    Generally, we like to do only 2 different cake flavors within a cake. It makes service of your cake much simpler for your caterer.